Hanglamp Belmont 22" ( 55,9cm ) - Pablo lamps - grey wool

€ 659,00

The Belmont Pendant Story

The Belmont Pendant Collection was a collaborative creation with designer Brad Ascalon re-envisioning the traditional fabric shade lamp but with the warmth and preciousness of hand crafted furniture. Belmont’s iconic, yet reductive form creates a natural canvas for displaying an exquisite array of textiles from premium wool to colorful woven fabrics that can be paired with a solid crafted oak wood armature.

Woodcraft Meets Woven Textiles

Up and Down Light Belmont's warm, glare free LED light casts both direct and indirect light and is fully dimmable
to dial in any mood.

Light For Life Belmont is designed to provide
up to 50k hours of energy-efficient
and maintenance free illumination.


Minimal use of materials

  • Contains no hazardous materials such as mercury
  • Lasts for 50K hours or 25 years of daily use
  • Uses only 30W of power 

Wood: Oak
Fabric: Silverdale, Charcoal, White

Fabric Shade
Solid Oak Details
Fabric Cord
PMMA Diffuser
Steel Canopy

Fully Dimmable 
Matching Wood Canopy Cover

Voltage: 120V,  240V,  277V 50-60Hz
(277V available on special order only)
Power Consumption: 30W
Color Temperature: 2700K
Note: 3000K/3500K models Available upon Request
Luminosity: 3000 Lumens
Color Rendition Index: 95 CRI
50K hour lifespan
Cable Length: 10’ (3m) (Field cuttable)

2x A19 15W LED | 2700K | 1600 Lumens
Note: 2x BT-15 72W Halogen | 2900K Warm White | 1490 Lumens available upon request